Union Bank leads winners of IDC PH Digital Transformation Awards 2018

International Data Center (IDC) Philippines on Thursday, September 20, unveiled the winners of its Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) 2018.

Union Bank of the Philippines led the winners, taking the top plum as the “Digital Transformer of the Year.”


Union Bank — ‘Digital Transformer of the Year’ for its Digital Transformation.

The Digital Transformer Award, the IDC pointed out, goes to the organization that “demonstrates success in a project where there is synergy between business and IT management disciplines, and would have delivered digitally-enabled products and services over a sustained period. Generally brick-and-mortar/established companies, leveraging digital and disruptive in processes, operating models, and/or customer experience.”

Jubert Alberto, head of Operations of IDC Philippines, explains the IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) at the winners’ unveiling at Makati Shangri-La Manila Hotel, Makati City. (EKU)

DXa marks its second iteration this  year, the IDC’s program bestowing recognition to outstanding organizations that have achieved remarkable breakthroughs in DX across the Asia Pacific region.

The DXa’s various awards represent the different dimensions of today’s digital transformation which, apparently, indicates a change of mindset and embracing of new technologies driving  e-commerce in particular, and the digital era in general.

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Truth to tell, it’s exactly what the IDC said in an exclusive interview with SDN — Scitech and Digital News.

Digital bandwagon

Jubert Alberto, head of Operations, IDC Philippines, noted the growing realization among industries in the country about joining the digital bandwagon.

“Those winners of the the DXa in the Philippines, the enterprises really recognized this; the projects that won really exemplify this (change of mindset). So, you cannot say that digital transformation is just a passing trend. It is really being addressed by companies such as the winners,” the IDC Philippines executive emphasized.

Filipino enterprises, he said, must change their mindset, ride the digital bandwagon, or else, be left behind and become part of digital dust.

Of the enterprises that are not yet into digital transformation, they can learn from the example of the winners  that have pushed their digital transformation, he added.

What then might the future ahead?

“Most of these organizations that are a bit advanced, they would be looking to keep their momentum. So, if they have not found a project around transformation, they should be looking at that. Or, if they decided that omni-experience should be first, they would be that case.

“But for those that have not yet joined digital transformation, I am afraid they will be left behind and become part of digital dust if they don’t start right now,” said Alberto.

Change of mindset

He said companies that are still undecided, they should change mindset, that of “resisting change”‘ to “embracing change.”

Alberto said that presently, digital transformation will become the norm for enterprises and it will actually contribute “to our GDP (gross domestic product) heavily moving forward, like services and new products will actually ride digital transformation.”

Message to Philippine enterprises

“(Our message at IDC) for all Filipino enterprises is, ‘do not be afraid…but of course careful planning should be there, and then their major objective should be in line with their digital transformation framework,” Alberto Said.

Aside from the Digital Transformer crown which Union Bank won, the other award categories and winners are Digital Disruptor — ALLCARE;  Information Visionary — Asian Hospital and Medical Center); Talent Accelerator — Manila Electric Company (Meralco); Omni Experience Innovator  — PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare); DX Leader — Jovita Aragona of PhilHealth; and Operating Model Master — Unilab, Inc. 

PhilHealth also received the award for Information Visionary.

Here’s how each award is determined as IDC explains:

Digital Disruptor


ALLCARE — ‘Digital Disruptor of the Year’ for ALLCARE.

Aggressive in the use of new digital technologies and business models, utilizes ecosystem awareness for constant business innovation. Must have achieved excellence and results across areas such as digital enablement, realigning supply/distribution chains, shifting value propositions, and creating new customers expriences (CX).

Information Visionary

Asian Hospital

Asian Hospital and Medical Center — ‘Information Visionary of the Year’ for its Asian Hospital Hopprlab Power Bi Analysts.

Treats data and information as critical assets, investing in a range of technology and people to distill insight into monetary value, mastering syntax, semantics and socialization. There are five major areas where these companies thrive: Data Discovery, Value Development, Value Realization, Knowledge and Collaboration, and Information Architecture.

Talent Accelerator (previously Talent Acceleration)


Meralco — ‘Talent Accelerator of the Year’ with its Traci chatbot.

Demonstrates effective sourcing, deployment, and integration of internal and external sources. They optimize the productivity and flexibility of employees, and display excellence across talent management, talent sourcing, work optimization, and facilitating a digital transformation mindset.

Omni Experience Innovation (previously Omni Experience Innovation)


PhilCare — ‘Omni-Experience Innovator of the Year’ for its HeyPhil App.

Creates a customer-centric model focused on attracting and growing customer loyalty and advocacy. Moves from reach, to relevancy, to reciprocity in their relationships, not only with their customers but with their respective ecosystems. They are able to create unique differentiating experiences, delivering seamless and engaging omni-channel customer service.

Digital Transformer Leader (previously L3D Mastery) and Information Visionary


PhilHealth — ‘Information Visionary of the Year’ for Data-driven Transformation of PhilHealth.

PhilHealth DX Leader

PhilHealth’s DX head Jovita Aragona — ‘Digital Transformation Leader of the Year’.

Leads their organizations through continuous transition from old to new technologies, and experimental to operational in the context of digital transformation. Understands successful initiatives to drive innovation, to integrate innovations into the  existing organization, and to maintain a consistent quality of established IT products and services. Displays digital vision, innovation, integration, and incorporation. For 2018, this category will now instead recognized the key exectuve(s) within the organization that sets and executes their DX initiatives.

Operating Model Master (previously Operational Transformation)


Unilab, Inc. — ‘Operating Model Master of the Year’ for its Unilab Implements NetSuite OneWorld to Transform B2B Operation.

People and trading partners. Generally focused on developing new products and services by integrating the business’s external digital connections with internal digital process directly impacted by customer requirements and ecosystem opportunities.

Alberto said:

“This year’s nominations have proven that all industries are keen on improving their business processes and client engagement. We have seen interesting projects on cognitive computing/AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data and Analytics, IoT, robotics and robotics process automation being utilized across vertical industries, among others.ABS CBN

ABS-CBN — Most Commended

“This signifies that DX has achieved a macroeconomic scale and has become an important tool for Philippine businesses to achieve success,” he said.

Alberto revealed that all the Philippine winners will represent the country to go head-to-head with winners from other APAC countries in the regional finals in Singapore on October 25.


De La Salle University-Lipa City, Batangas, another awardee.

The DXa is conducted in the APAC region, 12 countries which for this year’s second iteration received over 600 nominees.

IDC Philippines said the nominations in 2018 have proven that all industries are keen on improving their business processes and client engagement.

“We have seen interesting projects on cognitive computing/AI, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, robotics and robotics process automation being utilized across vertical industries, among others.”  — (EKU)








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