Update: Holy cow: 2 super lucky bettors win Php1.18-B huge Ultra Lotto jackpot!


Finally, two billion-peso lucky bettors won the massive jackpot of Ultra Lotto 6/58 on Sunday, October 14.

The prize, a super cool Php1.18 billion!

Congratulations to the two winners.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announced the winning numbers — 40-50-37-25-01-45 — on its website.

The two winners purchased their winning tickets at lotto outlets in Legazpi City, Albay, and in Borongan, Eastern Samar.

ULTRA Lotto 6/58 continued on Friday, October 12, to elude millions of bets

Ultra Lotto generated Php1.1-billion prize money with the combination 28-14-54-50-17-27.

In relation with the draw, a total of 115 individual bets each matched five of the winning numbers, giving each of the bettors Php187,780.

Meanwhile, in the companion draw, Mega Lotto 6/45 surrendered to two bettors.

The unnamed winners will share the Php73-million jackpot carried by the winning numbers, such as 23-26-12-10-36-30.


Holy cow!

Ultra Lotto 6/58 on Tuesday, October 9, evening officially breached the one billion mark.

In the latest draw, 6/58 came up with the combination of 12-16-46-03-38-36, but STILL there was no one who won the Php1,026,264,340 titanic jackpot.

A total of 113 bettors nearly became billionaire after their respective bet matched five of the numbers of 6/58.

Each of them will get a consolation prize of Php158,760.

Meanwhile, in the companion draw, one lucky punter hit the Php97,384,918 jackpot of Super Lotto 6/49.

The unknown winner guessed correctly all the winning numbers, such as 19-32-40-21-05-43.

PCSO sees Ultra Lotto reaching Php1-B jackpot for October 9 drawing

JACKPOT at Php1-billion?

Yes, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said as Ultra Lotto 6/59 continued its elusive streak; not yielding to the millions of bettors seeking to win the massive prize money.

In its draw on Sunday, October 7, 6/58 generated exactly a jackpot worth Php954,503,164; no winner of the pot still.

PCSO General Manager Alexander F. Balutan, quoted by various news organizations, said the charity agency expected tonight’s draw to even breach the Php1 billion threshold.

Ultra Lotto 6/58 nears Php1-B after Php954.5-M jackpot eludes bettors

For the millions hoping to win, or at least have a share of, the massive Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot, tonight’s (Sunday) draw did not yield any winner, except for the consolation prizes.

GMA7 News said a while ago shortly after 9 p.m. that 6/58 produced a whopping Php954,503,164 jackpot carried by the winning combination of 45-21-02-30-07-10.

With another no-jackpot-winner draw, Ultra Lotto’s prize money continues to inch closer to the first Php1-billion jackpot of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Is there going to be a winner in the next draw on Tuesday, October 9?

Let us wait.

Oct. 7 tonight draw of Ultra Lotto 6/58 to carry around Php935 M, PCSO

Ultra Lotto 6/58 has continued to elude bettors in its draw on Friday, October 5, carrying a jackpot worth Php903,290,152.

Again, nobody got lucky enough to guess all the winning numbers, such as 01-30-27-36-49-12. So, the frenzy continues for at least tonight.

Meanwhile, a total of 85 punters each won Php157,970 as second prize for guessing five of the winning numbers.

The new estimate for the draw tonight, Sunday, October 5, is around Php935 million, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announced on its Facebook page.

Now the QUESTION is:

Is the Philippines going to record its first billion-pesos lotto jackpot through Ultra Lotto?

Oct. 5 draw tonight of Ultra Lotto 6/58 seen to offer around Php900 M, PCSO

Is tonight’s the night for a lucky punter to win the whopping Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot, which the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO) said may climb to Php900 million?

Even President Rodrigo R. Duterte has joined the craze to bet on the Ultra Lotto. Earlier, presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio also put a bet on the 6/58.

Morning of Friday, October 5, Florante “Bong” Solmerin, spokesman for the Office of General Manager Alexander F. Balutan, told Radio DZXL the jackpot may reach Php900 million for the October 25 draw.

This after the Tuesday, October 2, draw did not yield a winner of the Php849,578,320 jackpot carried by the combination 30-41-53-04-02-54.

Will the Ultra Lotto continue to elude bettors and reach P1-billion jackpot?

Solmerin also said that under the PCSO Charter, even if the current jackpot reaches Php1 billion or Php2 billion, there is no limit to the prize money as long there is no winner.

So far, he said, Ultra Lotto has already generated Php3 billion sales from the current jakcpot.

Oct. 2 draw of 6/58 brings Php849.5-M; nobody hits huge jackpot

The jackpot of Ultra Lotto 6/58 continued to grow as nobody won in the Tuesday, October 2, draw with a jackpot of Php849,578,320.

None of the scores of bettors nationwide of 6/58 correctly guessed all the winning numbers such as 30-41-53-04-02-54, per a Facebook post of GMA News and Public Affairs shortly after the drawing.

Sept. 30 draw of 6/58 yields Php809 M, no winner; next, Php835 M

Punters across the Philippines still have another chance at the record-breaking jackpot of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) Ultra Lotto 6/58 in the Tuesday, October 2 draw.

The PCSO said yesterday on its website that there was no winner on Sunday, September 30, of the Php809.36-million prize money of Ultra Lotto’s lucky combination of 34-30-32-20-03-23.

For the Tuesday, October 2, draw the PCSO estimate of the 6/58 jackpot is at P835 million.

Aside from Ultra Lotto, the PCSO also plays Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/42.

In the same draw date, 6/49 did not register a jackpot winner either of its PPhp67.8-million bonanza carried by the winning numbers of 25-13-02-39-48-33.

Super Lotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Bettors are known to have plans on what to they would do with if they win a lotto jackpot.

Joseph Muego, photo-journalist now with the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) is no exception.

He has in his mind what to do if he gets lucky and win the PCSO-projected Php835 million jackpot of 6/58 for the next draw on Tuesday evening.

“First, I will to our church and thank God for the answered prayers; I will then donate a portion of my winnings to the church,” said Muego.
He added that he will visit an orphanage institution and share his blessings with the orphans; of course, to his family.
“I will travel to Jerusalem and others parts of the world; buy a farmland and invest in agribusiness, and others,” Muego told SDN — Scitech and Digital News.
Meanwhile, for the October 2 draw also, 6/49 has a projected pot of Php72 million, while 6/42 prize is seen at Php46 million.

Still no winner of Ultra Lotto 6/58’s Php774-M jackpot on Friday

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) drawing of Ulta Lotto 6/58 on Friday, September 28, still did not yield a winner.

PCSO Building 2

On its website, the PCSO said the winning combination of 6/58 was 46-25-55-26-50-57, which earned a jackpot amounting exactly to Php774,030,800.

It’s companion draw for the night — Super Lotto 6/49 — did not have a winner either.

No one guessed correctly the six winning numbers of 6/49, which are 36-01-04-26-18-21. It carried a prize money of Php61,375561.

With Friday draw, Ultra Lotto had officially broken the previous record of Php741 million of Grand Lotto 6/55 drawn on November 29, 2010, won by a 60-year-old “Balikbayan” from the United States.

He won with five bet combinations, one of which matched the winning numbers.

The next draw of Ultra Lotto will be on Sunday, September 30. Jackpot was not yet determined.

Do you feel lucky tonight? PCSO’s Ultra Lotto jackpot estimated at Php760 M

Who will win, if ever, tonight’s Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot of more or less Php760 million?


PCSO Chairman Gen. Anselmo Simon Pinili, ret. (PCSO website photo)

Ultra Lotto is drawn every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.


Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office AGM for Charity Sector Dr. Larry Cedro.

There was no winner in the 94th draw of the current 6/58 prize money on Tuesday, September 25, with the winning combination of 50-21-51-19-53-48 which carried a pot of Php734,038,468.

Alexander F. Balutan.jpg

PCSO General Manager Gen. Alexander F. Baluta, ret. (Photo: Joseph Muego)

Meanwhile, the PCSO’s website showed the draw of Grand Lotto 6/55 on Wednesday, September 26, registered one winner of Php53,449,633 who guessed the winning numbers of 34-09-28-24-19-42. The PCSO said the winning ticket was bought in Iloilo.

A story on ABS-CBN website said the projected jackpot for 6/58’s September 28 draw was placed at Php760 million.

The 6/58 prize money for tonight then will break the biggest recorded pot of a PCSO lotto on November 29, 2010 of 6/55 at P741 million won by a 60-year-old “Balikbayan” from the United States.

When he returned to the U.S. he paid around Php230 million tax to the American government.

Journalist and businessman Miguel Ongpin, a former Night Editor at Manila Bulletin told SDN — Scitech and Digital Newss he was surprised to learn that Ultra Lotto’s prize money Thursday evening will break the historic Php740 million in 2010.

Ongpin was one of the thousands across the country who tried their luck in the draw.

He said if he wins he will do charity and help needy people and charity organizations.

The PCSO lotto draw is being shown every night at 9 p.m. on the government’s People’s Television (PTV) 4.


Ultra Lotto 6/58 for its Tuesday, September 25, draw may yet climb to an estimated Php727-million jackpot, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said today, Monday.

The projected bonanza from 6/58 is approaching the historic Grand Lotto 6/55 amounting to P741-million pot money drawn on November 29, 2010, which a 60-year-old “Balikbayan” from New York, United States, won and claimed two weeks later.

Dr. Larry Cedro, PCSO assistant general manager for Charity Sector, shared this information in a text message to SDN — Scitech and Digital News.

He said the projected jackpot of Ultra Lotto for the September 25 draw was pegged at Php727 million.

banner02 (1)

Cedro spoke to DZMM radio morning of Monday, saying winners of PCSO lotteries have a year from the date of the draw to claim their winnings.

Requirements for claiming prize

The PCSO official said advised bettors to immediately sign their tickets at the back and that in claiming a jackpot the winner must present two government-issued IDs.

“Make it a habit that once you bought a (lotto) ticket make sure you signed it at the back.

“We will give the winner one year to claim. Just remember this (lotto ticket) is a thermal paper, so it is a bit sensitive to temperature. So, once you validated that you won, get in touch right away with the PCSO,” said Cedro.

On winners’ security

“(The) security of the winner(s) is part of the PCSO (policy). We assure all our countrymen that we maintain absolute confidentiality. We do not disclose details. You may have noticed that the PCSO only announced where the ticket was purchased as part of the (policy) to protect the identity of the winner,” said Cedro.

He recalled that the winner of the Php741-million jackpot in 2010 bought his Lucky Pick ticket at a duty free shop in Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in Subic, Zambales.

The winner only visited the country (and got lucky). He added the Grand Lotto winner received all the Php740 million prize without deduction, which he remitted to the U.S. when he returned from his Philippine vacation.

20 percent deduction because of TRAIN Law

Cedro also explained that because of the implementation of the TRAIN Law, PCSO prizes such as the lotto jackpot are now subject to a 20 percent deduction.

He added that the price of lotto tickets also increased from Php20 to Php24 because of the increase in the Documentary Stamp Tax from 10 to 20 percent.

Meanwhile, Ultra Lotto on Sunday, September 23 did not have any winner with the winning combination of 58-08-34-29-35-38 with carried the jackpot Php704,720,320.(Images from PCSO) — (EKU)

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