BPI wins 2 Silver Anvils for OFW program, 2017 Annual Report

TWO Silver Anvil trophies for the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI).

The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) bestowed to BPI the awards during the 54th Anvil Award recently this month.

PRSP recognized BPI for its Overseas Filipino Financial Wellness Program (OFFWP) and its 2017 Annual Report.

In an email to SDN – Science and Digital News, it was learned that PRSP cited the OFFWP for “engaging overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) through various initiatives to communicate the importance of financial planning and educate them about saving and investing for retirement.”

Anvil for BPI

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (PBI) has received two Silver Anvil trophies at the recent 54th Anvil Awards. From left: Stella Aro, Institutional Brand Management and Digital (IBMD); Arlene Mendoza, Overseas Filipino (OF) Segment; Edelyn Sagales, OF Segment; Kathy Hofileña, Sustainability Office; Krystle Gomez, Sustainability Office; Janelle Monsanto, Sustainability Office; Ritche Fariñas, OF Segment head; Maricris San Diego, BPI Foundation executive director; Owen Cammayo, Corporate Affairs and Communications (CAC) head; D’artagnan Aguilar, IBMD head; Athena Balleza, OF Segment; Majo Lopez, IBMD; Louie Gaela, IBMD; Don Sevilla, Compliance; CJ Arribay, OF Segment; Ana Jose, OF Segment; Rachelle Dangin, CAC; and Kristabel Penafuerte, CAC. (Photo: BPI)

PRSP lauded the bank’s 2017 Annual Report for “its comprehensive narrative” that highlighted the way BPI nurture long-lasting relationships with clients, and how its Sustainability Strategy Framework produced positive financial benefits.

In welcoming the award for the OFFWP, Ritche Fariñas, head of the BPI Overseas Filipino Segment, described the recognition that the PRSP gave to the OFFWP as an affirmation of the financial institution’s commitment to provide values to Filipino customers based abroad.

He said the award inspires the bank to raise the bar to create more relevant programs for the OFWs.

On the other hand, Owen Cammayo, head of BPI Corporate Affairs and Communications, described it as a “validation.”

“The recognition validates that we are on the right track in our efforts to reach out to and communicate with our many overseas Filipinos who work hard to provide a better life for their families. Effective communications is critical to enable our modern day heroes to become more financially stable and secure,” said Cammayo.

Covered under the OFFWP are several initiatives that BPI created, including many financial modules, among them, financial literacy talks on the importance of saving and investing, tips on managing remittances from their loved ones abroad.

At the same time, BPI also launched new products and services, such as Pamana Padala and Padala Moneyger, that cater to the needs of both overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries.

The bank’s second Silver Anvil award for its 2017 Annual Report revolved around the theme “Enriching Relationships.” The report changed tack from being a purely financial report by integrating BPI’s sustainability report.

“Through a succinct and clear writing style complemented with vibrant design, BPI’s integrated report focused not only on the bank’s financial achievements but also on why and how BPI remains an important and empowering presence in the lives of Filipinos,” BPI said in a statement.

Chinky Lukban, head of BPI Strategic Corporate Planning Division, cited the importance of hard work which produced the Annual Report, saying it was a result of the “hard work of an entire team – the working team and representatives from each business unit. The award encourages us to do even better.”

PRSP presents the Anvil Awards every year. The award is regarded as Philippines’ as the public relations (PR) industry’s “Oscar” and as a tribute to the local practitioners’ “excellent PR campaigns that have impact on their target audience and the society in general.” It is now on its 54th anniversary. (EKU)

Sources: BPI and Business Mirror.


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