April 3, 2020

Month: August 2018

Kaspersky Reveals Cyberspying Groups Targeting Philippines, SEA

Media Release: KASPERSKY has unmasked the cybercriminal groups who operated and are still operating in the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia (SEA). Findings of the global cybersecurity company reveal a major trend in the SEA’s threat landscape — increased activity of major Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups waging sophisticated cyberespionage. Hungry for intelligence […]

Saudi Arabia: No Umrah for Now due to COVID-19

(SDN) — NO Umrah temporarily this year as a measure against the spread of the deadly COVID-19. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has suspended the conduct of Umrah, or the lesser pilgrimage, as reported today, February 27, on Arab News, the Islamic country’s main English language newspaper. “COVID-19” is the official name of the novel […]

DOST Project SPARTA to Produce 30K Data-Savvy ‘Spartans’

For update: By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: Science, Digital & Current Affairs (SDN) — Around 2,500 years ago, in 480 BC, 300 Spartans and their allies fought and died in the Battle of Thermopylae. The Spartan warriors, defending the narrow Thermopylae pass, fought a massively numerous Persian invasion force on a […]

6 Female Researchers Show Way in DOST-Newton Agham PhD Scholarships

To be updated: By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital and Current Affairs (SDN) — Women empowerment is thriving in the Philippines, not the least in the realm of the academe. Proof: Six female researchers have won six slots for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) scholarships in the Department of […]

Kaspersky Reveals Its 2020 APAC Threat Predictions

Media Release: THE opening of a new year and a new decade will witness an increase in mobile malware and cybercriminals groups exploiting mobile devices and known threat groups using new attack methods and tools. These and more are the key predictions of Kaspersky for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Derived from the observations and […]

Php52-M Project SPARTA Targets 30K Data Scientists under DOST-DAP Wing

Updated to include new more information, February 26, 8:55 p.m. By EDD K. USMAN Instagram: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital and Current Affairs (SDN) — DEMAND for workers with competency to work on managing, analyzing and safely storing ever-larger sets of data keeps on growing, says Dataconomy.com. The demand, apparently, is global […]

Referencing to Keep Philippine Food, Water Safe

By ADELIA M. GUEVARRA Information and Documentation Section Technological Services Division Industrial Technology Development Institute THE food world has discovered the key to stopping and preventing massive product recalls. Some quarters, however, met the news with both skepticism and excitement.  Far from the usual fanfare and fireworks, as well as massive media hype, there is, […]

Epson Introduces New Dye-Sublimation Printers with Enhanced Usability

Media Release: THERE’s a new 64-inch, dye-sublimation printers in the Philippines, and it’s from Epson. This is the SureColor SC-F9430 and SC-F9430H digital textile printers. The printers have been developed to deliver outstanding quality and high-volume printing, for sports apparels, fashion apparel, home decorations, outdoor signage as well as other printed merchandise. A first for […]

MultiSys, Manorama To Inject Digital Adrenaline Shot to PHL Healthcare Industry

Soon to come via MultiSys and Manorama partnership: Electronic payments for medical bills and prescriptions, online pharmacy shopping, queuing systems, real-time data management for patient records, etc. Media Release: HEALTHCARE in the Philippines will soon get an upgrade through a technology-based adrenaline shot. This will come in the form of e-health software solutions to be […]

Pangarungan ‘Amerul Hajj’; PAL Round-Trip Fare, Mindanao-Madinah: Php71,260

By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affairs (SDN) — HAJJ 2020 fare for Philippine Airlines (PAL) from Mindanao to Madinah/Jeddah and back is at Php71,260 (US$1,400). With the international round-trip ticket, the PAL management is offering a free two-ticket domestic fare for Filipino pilgrims. It means […]