MultiSys, Manorama To Inject Digital Adrenaline Shot to PHL Healthcare Industry

Soon to come via MultiSys and Manorama partnership: Electronic payments for medical bills and prescriptions, online pharmacy shopping, queuing systems, real-time data management for patient records, etc.

Media Release:

HEALTHCARE in the Philippines will soon get an upgrade through a technology-based adrenaline shot.

This will come in the form of e-health software solutions to be created by two IT companies.

Leading Filipino software company MultiSys Technologies Corporation headed by President & CEO David L. Almirol, Jr. and India’s Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. through Executive Vice President Puneet Pantane have struck a partnership to administer the “adrenaline shot.”

The partnership’s immediate goal is to provide world-class e-health software solutions to private and public medical institutions, SDN — Science and Digital News learned.

Through the partnership, MultiSys will upgrade its healthcare software solution HealthBox, which streamlines the operations of health facilities through digital platforms such as customizable ready-to-use systems, portals, apps and websites.

HealthBox, which will be integrated with Manorama’s flagship hospital information system Lifeline Suite, will be elevated into a more complete, patient-centric, holistic and integrated system to further empower the healthcare and medical industry in the Philippines.

MultiSys aims to upgrade healthcare institutions by providing them the necessary technological infrastructure to implement e-health services in their daily operations. HealthBox with Lifeline Suite will offer services such as electronic payments for medical bills and prescriptions, online pharmacy shopping, queuing systems, real-time data management for patient records, among others.

MultiSys, Manorama, digital, adrenaline shot, healthcare industry, e-heath
‘ADRENALINE SHOT’. MultiSys President & CEO David Almirol, Jr. (left) and Manorama Executive Vice President Puneet Pantane seal their companies’ partnership aimed at administering tech-based adrenaline shot to the Philippine healthcare industry. They will integrate the HealthBox of MultiSys and the Lifeline Suite of Manorama to upgrade health services for Filipinos that will be available to people in the rural areas. (Photo: MultiSys)

Along with HealthBox, Manorama’s Lifeline Suite of solutions will help make interactions between doctors and patients more efficient, as well as further encourage evidence-based medicine. This will ensure continuity of care through the use of Electronic Medical Records and e-Prescription, telehealth, Platform Security, Indicators based on population health.

Population health management data will be generated through EMRs, ePrescriptions systems, private entities, payer systems and labs to be analyzed for actionable outcomes. Through various health indicators, it will be easy to predict the patterns of communicable diseases and NCDs (non-communicable diseases) to achieve improved outcomes. With the help of telehealth platform, providers can share their expertise outside their own set-ups to advice, thus allowing efficient treatment to remote patients.

For almost 20 years, India-based Manorama has been a pioneer in the IT-healthcare industry that provides customized enterprise solutions for global companies and country health automation projects.

The partnership will further expand the company’s reach to underserved areas in the Philippines and address the challenges and requirements of local healthcare operations, according to Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Executive Vice President Puneet Pantane.

“Our expertise in healthcare, combined with MultiSys’s strength in customized software solutions, will enable us to advance the modernization of healthcare services in the country. Through offering industry-standard tools to private and public health institutions, we hope to provide accessible health services that will better serve patients in the country,” said Pantane.

This initiative is in line with a proposed bill seeking to establish the Philippine e-health system and services using information and communications technology (ICT), which was recently approved by the House Committee on Health in support of the implementation of the Universal Health Care Law.IMG_20200222_162130Through utilizing ICT, the proposed system will deliver health services with the potential to improve the quality and conditions of practice, as well as improve access to healthcare for Filipinos, especially those who reside in rural areas with limited medical facilities.

“We continue to collaborate with renowned experts such as Manorama to elevate technology in industries that are essential to the lives of Filipinos, such as healthcare. Through deploying HealthBox with Lifeline Suite, we are helping companies thrive in the digital age by future-proofing their operations, which will enable them to serve more people in need of healthcare services,” Almirol said.

Beyond partnering with IT and healthcare companies, MultiSys continues to collaborate with industry experts and consultants from various industries such as government, retail, finance, hospitality and education. Through its advanced software solutions, MultiSys commits to offering accessible and convenient public services that will not only ease the lives of Filipino people, but will also contribute to the growth of the economy. (MultiSys)

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