Fuji Xerox Raises Bar, Launches Digital Color Multifunction Printers

The ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C 7788 Series Deliver Professional Prints With Proven Technology

Media Release:

MANILA — Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc. has launched six models (Note1) in the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C multifunction printer series.

These new high-speed models are designed to meet high-volume printing needs in the offices of government agencies and enterprises under the concept high image quality with durability, enhanced usability, and improved productivity from start to finish.

High image quality with durability ApeosPort-VII C7788 / DocuCentre-VII C7788 series adopts proven technology to ensure high image quality and reliable durability.

Horizontal paper path enables stable toner transfer on paper fed at high speed with steady printing alignment. With the use of heavy duty metallic internal component, the printers are durable for heavy printing loads yet ensure optimum printing quality.

Unique technologies for image quality are applied, such as 2400 dpi VCSEL-ROS (Note2), 5.8 μm EA-Eco toner Note3 , IReCT Note4 , which delivers high image quality in fine lines, smooth gradations, and solid color.

Fuji Xerox, raises bar, durable, digital, color multifunction, printer

Enhanced usability for efficient operations

The 10.1-inch control panel with the latest intuitive user interface can be tapped and swiped like a smartphone with easy-to-understand icons illustrating the major operating buttons to enhance operability and readability. To provide a secure environment within the office, the new models safeguard the data, privacy, and the device from ever-diversifying security threats by enhancing security functions such as hard disk encryption, authentication options and communication channel encryption.

The printers have optional function of Scan Delivery for users to scan routine documents by setting automate rules in flows, eliminating troublesome operations such as renaming files and creating folders to store files conveniently. Improved productivity from start to finish In addition to the print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute(ppm) for color and up to 75 ppm for monochrome, it also supports high productivity with efficient toner replenishment enabled by reserve tanks under the toner cartridges and two slots for K toner.

When combined with the optional feeders and finishers, the new ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-II C 7788 series improve productivity including finishing process. When adding a Finisher D6 with booklet maker, it produces booklets up to 120 pages from 30 sheets and 100-page stapling. Also, optional functions enable various finishing styles such as cover page insertion, hole-punching, C and Z folding, to reduce the user’s workload. (Fuji Xerox Philippines)

Note 1: ApeosPort-VII C7788 / C6688 / C5588 and DocuCentre-VII C7788 / C6688 / C5588

Note 2: VCSEL-ROS is laser scanning technology using a surface-emitting laser to realize high-speed, high-resolution printing

Note 3: EA-Eco toner is toner that improves energy-saving performance dramatically by its new composition

Note 4: IReCT is color registration correction technology enabling high-resolution printing

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