April 8, 2020

Day: August 28, 2018

Message from East-West Center President Regarding COVID-19

Here’s a message of solidarity from East-West Center and updates about COVID-19​ Media Release: Dear East-West Center ‘Ohana, OUR hearts go out to EWC alumni and everyone affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. We urge you and your families to take every possible precaution to ensure your safety and limit its spread. Here at the […]

IBM Supercomputers Join Global Fight versus Covid-19

Media Release: By DARIO GIL, Director of IBM Research AT IBM, I have the privilege of working with colleagues who have dedicated their lives and careers to advancing science and creating innovative technology that can be a force for progress in the world. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have been working closely […]

IBM, NVIDIA Technology Helps Identify Compounds that could Guide Researchers to a Cure

Media Release: By DAVE TUREK, Vice President of Technical Computing, IBM Cognitive Systems TECHNOLOGY has been at the center of scientific advances for decades. Just 16 years ago, IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer debuted as the first supercomputer to break the petascale barrier and went on to play a critical role in sequencing the human genome. […]