WHO: ‘Millions Could Die’ from Covid-19 without ‘Aggressive Action’

Global Covid-19 Recovered 152,042; China Leads, 75,911


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(SDN) — THE World Health Organization (WHO) has a dire prediction on the impact of Covid-19.

“Without aggressive action in all countries, millions could die.”

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued this prediction when he spoke before world leaders gathered during the virtual G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit on March 26, 2020.

He described the 2019-novel coronavirus (2019-n CoV) as one that is tearing humanity apart.

Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia, Africa, the video summit was a coming together of the world’s leaders “to confront the defining health crisis of our time.”

“We are at war with a virus that threatens to tear us apart — if we let it,” the WHO official pointed out.

“The pandemic is accelerating at an exponential rate,” Ghebreyesus added, saying the first 100,000 cases came in 67 days.

Then the second 100,000 occurred in only 11 days while the third 100,000 cases happened in just four days, and the fourth 100,000 occurrence at only two days.

He called for aggressive action in all the countries.

Only time will tell, the WHO official said, about the pandemic’s full social, economic and political fallout.

“But we know that the price we end up paying depends on the choices we make now. This is a global crisis that demands a global response,” said Ghebreyesus.

Towards the middle of his speech, he made three requests to the “esteemed leaders” of the world.

“Fight, fight. Fight hard. Fight like hell. Fight like your lives depend on it — because they do,” Ghebreyesus pleaded.

“The best and only way to protect life, livelihoods and economies is to stop the virus. No excuses. No regrets.”

He acknowledged the sacrifices of governments and their people they made, such as drastic social and economic restrictions, the closing of schools and businesses, and telling their people to stay at home.

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But not nearly enough, apparently.

“These measures will take some of the heat out of the epidemic, but they will not extinguish it. We must do more,” the WHO director general said.

“We must immediately build, expand, train and deploy health workers to find, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact.”

Second, unite; and third ignite, he said. “No country can solve this crisis alone.”

“We may speak different tongues and adhere to different creeds, but we are made of the same stuff. We are one human race,” Ghebreyesus emphasized.

“Fight. Unite. Ignite.”

“And let our singular resolve be: never again.”

His suggestion: increase production, remove export bans and ensure equity of distribution; countries must re-purpose their nations’ industrial might’ ignite global production for the tools needed to save lives; ignite innovation for vaccines and therapeutics; and ignite a worldwide movement to make sure the pandemic will never come again.

Meanwhile, updates of Covid-19 cases from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Covid-19 Dashboard showed the global recovered patients at 152,042.

That’s the total of patients from 201 countries who recovered from the fatal Covid-19 contagion.

Meaning that not everything is a tale of tragedy.

The Top 10 countries in recovered confirmed cases from the SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the Covid-19 disease, is led by China, whose Wuhan City in Hubei Province was the outbreak’s epicenter since Chinese authorities reported in December 2019 the then mysterious illness to the WHO.

After showing reluctance in first few months of the outbreak and the number of cases rising, the WHO finally proclaimed the contagion a pandemic. To date, except for Antarctica, every continent has its Covid-19 cases to contain with. An invisible enemy that’s taking a huge tool on lives not to mention its dire economic and financial impact.

The Top 10 recovered cases of Covid-19 infections (all figures are taken as of March 30, 2020, 3:51 p.m., Manila time, from the Covid-19 Dashboard of the JHU of Baltimore, Maryland:

  • 1. China, 75,911
  • 2. Spain, 14,709
  • 3. Italy, 13,030
  • 4. Iran, 12,391
  • 5. Germany, 9,211
  • 6. France, 7,226
  • 7. South Korea, 5,228
  • 8. United States, 4,865
  • 9. Switzerland, 1,595
  • 10. Belgium, 1,359

Confirmed cases worldwide now stand at 723,740 and deaths at 34,018.

The U.S. has been leading the count on confirmed infections at 143,025, followed by Italy at 97,689 and China in third with its 82,152 cases. Italy has the most number of fatalities (10,779); Spain (6,803); Hubei (3,186); Iran (2,640); France (2,606); United Kingdom (1,228); New York, U.S. (776).

In the Philippines, as of March 29, 2020, confirmed cases climbed to 1,418; cases tested negative, 929; cases pending test results, 724; persons under investigations (PUIs), 874; persons under monitoring (PUMs), 6,321; recovered, 42; deaths, 71; tests conducted, 3,113. (SDN)

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