Mayor Kit Nieto Addresses Constituents’ Employment Needs

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Remember him, the local government chief executive of Cainta, Rizal, who sold his expensive shoes collections to help his constituents put food on their table?

He continues to be relevant as political leader and manager of his town. And that’s a something especially in these trying times of Covid-19 global pandemic.

Everybody knows joblessness which equals no income for the poor is like an epidemic in this period. Companies shut down except for some skeletal force; government agencies have also suspended work because of the restrictions since March arising from protocols issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

Good thing that restrictions have loosened up.

Over in the municipality of Cainta, Nieto has created “emergency employment” for his constituents.

Cementing of sidewalks, repainting of some structures, roofing of Cainta Auditorium, marking of new pedestrian lanes, widening of streets, landscaping, de-clogging of drainage, repair and cleaning of sports arena, plumbing of the Municipal Hall’s restrooms, installation of concrete pipes, town-wide cleanup,   among others, are the activities that Nieto launched for his emergency employment program.

He said he launched the emergency employment program to residents an honest job; no one is bothered.

“I will support you until it’s needed,” Nieto assures. He added the jobs will provide Cainta residents income for their families during the time of Covid-19.

In photographs, here are the various components of the employment program:



It’s safe to say, then, that Mayor Kit Nieto has much more up his sleeves to offer and provide for his constituents who, like other people in other towns and cities are greatly affected by the lockdown or quarantine, or stay-at-home order of the national government.

With the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) already rolled over in Metro Manila and other areas, restrictions are starting to ease.

But make no mistake, the novel coronavirus is still out there carried by asymptomatic people without knowing it.

So, still be extra extra careful if you have to go out of your house! (SDN)


All photographs from Mayor Kit Nieto’s Facebook page.


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