Qatar Contributes US$160-Million in Global Battle versus Covid-19

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(SDN) — HIS HIGHNESS EMIR SHEIKH TAMIM Bin HAMAD AL-THANI has provided anew Qatar’s financial contribution of US$20 million in the global battle against Covid-19.

The Emir announced the new amount on June 4 during the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 in London, England. With $140 million earlier shelled out by the Arab and Muslim country, its total contribution so far — and presumably still rising — is at $160 million.

“I would like to announce a new $20 million pledge from the State of Qatar to “GAVI alliance,” the Qatari leader said at the event. He reiterated his thanks which he made at beginning of his speech to United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson for organizing the summit.

He hoped the event achieves its desired objectives. Qatar’s contributions include building of medical institutions in some parts of the world.

Emir Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani described the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic as constituting an unprecedented challenge and threat to all humanity at all levels.

Qatar, US$160 million, healthcare, Covid-19, coronavirus
Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. (Source: Embassy of Qatar in Manila)

The $20 million contribution is for the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) for the development of vaccines against the coronavirus and other diseases.”

Qatar’s new contribution came as the world’s scientists continue in their race against time to develop a cure for Covid-19.

“In the absence of an effective vaccine or cure, some countries and societies have found themselves faced with the choice between two options both of which are bitter to swallow: either to seek prevention by lockdowns that may cripple the economy, or put the lives of people at risk by opting not to sacrifice the economy,” the Emir pointed out.

“Some countries have chosen compromising solutions by combining continuing to coexist with the pandemic and fighting it at the same time.”

Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani noted the importance of “international cooperation and exchange experiences,” saying these have no alternative as the redoubling of the collaborative efforts is needed to eliminate Covid-19 with effective vaccines and cures, and preparations for confronting new epidemics moving forward.

At the same time, the Emir cited his country’s effort that leaves no stone unturned to enhance the rapid response to counter the serious repercussions of the crisis, and has promptly taken all preventive procedures and measures to reduce its impact, and protect the citizens and residents on its soil.

“Based on human solidarity we have provided medical assistance to more than 20 countries around the world in terms of supplies of medical equipment and construction of field hospitals, in addition to providing 140 million U.S. dollars worth of financial contribution for multilateral healthcare institutions working to develop vaccines and ensuring the efficiency of healthcare, especially in the least developed countries,” he emphasized.

The Qatari leader called upon the international community to work collaboratively assure fairness in the provisions of of necessary medicines and medical equipment to all countries.

He also reiterates the Arab state’s support to the World Health Organization (WHO) for its efforts in coordinating the battle against the pandemic as well as “to promote global readiness to confront infectious diseases in the future.”

Qatar still committed in battle versus ISIS amid Covid-19 pandemic

In relation with this, Qatar Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani assured his country’s continuing participation in battling ISIS, or Islamic State.

Qatar, US$160 million, healthcare, Covid-19, coronavirus
Qatar Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani. (Source: Qatar News Agency)

He made the assurance last week Thursday at the meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Small Group.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani emphasized “that despite the exceptional circumstances faced by the State of Qatar and the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, the State of Qatar remains committed to combating ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the to goals of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS to create conditions for a permanent defeat of the terrorist group through a comprehensive and multifaceted effort.”

The deputy prime minister and foreign minister cited the need for “uncompromising measures and enhanced cooperation across all coalition lines” in the face of the crimes committed by ISIS. He said this is to ensure the protection of civilians and make sure that ISIS and its affiliates will be crippled and not be able to form new enclaves that pose threat to international threat to peace and security.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani assured its determination in continuing is cooperation to achieve the necessary conditions for the recovery of and stability of Iraq and Syria as well as provide the necessary assistance to legitimate partners on the ground, which are now more important than ever in the context of the pandemic. (SDN)








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