UP Develops Plant Growth Stimulant without Chemicals

Media Release:

GOOD news for Filipino farmers and plant lovers — a new, natural or non-synthetic plant product that stimulates root growth will soon be available in the market!

Scientifically proven and tested, HormoGroeTM, an innovative root growth enhancer, can speed up seed germination, induce rooting, enhance shoot growth and flowering in plantation crops, high value ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables.

Researchers from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) established MakilingTek, a spin-off company that caters to the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of HormoGroeTM, through the Funding Assistance for Spin-Off and Translation of Research for Advancing Commercialization (FASTRAC) Program of the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD).

HormoGroe is made up of naturally occurring plant growth regulators that are nano-encapsulated to increase its utilization rate and reduce impact of environmental risks.

Project leader Dr. Lilia M. Fernando stressed that this nano-formulated plant growth regulator is cost-effective and environment-friendly.

UP develops Chemical-free plant growth stimulant.

“Unlike other products available in the market, HormoGroeTM is not synthetic. It is naturally produced by bacteria and is nano-formulated,” she said.

Meanwhile, PCIEERD Executive Director Dr. Enrico C. Paringit expressed optimism that HormoGroe can increase production of good quality crops.

“As leader and partner of innovation, DOST-PCIEERD remains committed in delivering excellence to Filipino people through technologies that  foster vibrant production, food safety while ensuring care for the environment. Making HormoGroe available and accessible to Filipino growers will enable them to contribute to food production in a sustainable manner.,” he noted.

This plant stimulant yielded a positive result after being tested in coffee, cassava, banana, vegetables and some ornamental plants such as gumamela and bougainvillea. The team revealed that HormoGroe will become commercially available by 2021 and it will be initially introduced and sold to farmer cooperatives and plantations as well as to retail stores through distribution channels.

The project team currently needs potential investors and partners for product distribution and testing to other crops. For inquiries, please contact project leader Dr. Lilia M. Fernando at lmfernando@up.edu.ph or call +6349.536.1620. (✓)

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