First Circle Makes Filipinos Proud, Wins Fintech 50 Award

Media Release:

WASHINGTON, DC, October 20, 2020 — FIRST CIRCLE has brought honors to the Philippines.

First Circle did this after it won the nod of Fintech 50 which selected it as one of the top 50 fintech (financial technology) startups globally for creating financial resilience and opportunity for three billion financially underserved people.

Organizers of Fintech 50 chose First Circle for their highly innovative approach which has created mass market credit access for Micro, Medium, and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) during the pandemic.

The 50 winners who bested a pool of 403 eligible participants in 111 countries were selected based on their impact to businesses and individuals who were both unserved and underserved even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit economies globally. These fintechs proved to be game changers in the countries they operate in mainly based on how they have helped livelihoods become more resilient and recover from the effects of Covid-19, their use of technology to innovate systems, as well as their potential to scale and reach more of those  underserved.

In the Philippines for one, there are still 70% unbanked adults and many MSMEs who need access to financing to sustain and grow their businesses.

First Circle wins honors from Fintech 50

Selection was done by an independent panel of 35 experts from venture capital, technology, and financial services firms identified the most promising startups providing credit, insurance, savings, and other critical products to low-income households and businesses that are particularly vulnerable to financial shocks like the Covid-19 economic crisis.

Patrick Lynch, CEO of First Circle said, “We recognise the unbounded potential of small and medium businesses in the Philippines and take a very long term view. Certainly, many SMEs are under great threat during this most challenging pandemic period. I am incredibly proud of the First Circle team who have worked tirelessly from their own homes, often overcoming significant personal difficulties, to be there for our customers when they needed it most. We are honored to be recognised as a global pioneer in our field by IF50 and commend our peers for their work around the world.”

First Circle wins honors from Fintech 50.

First Circle, among the other winners and high-potential startups, was able to demonstrate the power of financial technology to improve the accessibility, affordability, and convenience of financial services in advanced and emerging markets.

As it endeavoured to provide continuous access to financing for MSMEs, the company also launched an array of flexible repayment schedules that provide borrowers options to choose their repayment schedule. First Circle provides the best product and the best price in the Philippines.

Launched in 2019, Inclusive Fintech 50 identifies and elevates high-potential, early-stage, and innovative fintech startups driving financial inclusion and resilience. The initiative is implemented by MIX, the global data resource for investors focused on inclusive finance.

SDN — Science & Digital News learned about this inspiring and uplifting news through an email message that First Circle Vice President for External Relations Benedict S. Carandang sent. (✓)

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