Korean Mobility startup “BlueWing Motors” launches successful market entry with KILSA Global

Joint project to convert gasoline two-wheelers into electric ones, to reduce air pollution and other environmental problems in Southeast Asia

BlueWing motors plans to enter the Southeast Asian market through Singapore, with the support of market entry expert, KILSA

SINGAPORE, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Korean Mobility start-up, BlueWing Motors announced on 21st April that it will join hands with KILSA Global, a global market entry specialist, to carry out the Southeast Asian conversion of gasoline to electric two wheelers. The project will commence first in Singapore before reaching out to other Southeast Asian countries.

Mobility company BlueWing Motors and global market entry specialist KILSA signed a joint business agreement on the 24th of March 2021. (Kim Min-ho, CEO of Blue Wing Motors (right) Kevin Kwon, Country Director of KILSA Global (left) - source: Blue Wing Motors)
Mobility company BlueWing Motors and global market entry specialist KILSA signed a joint business agreement on the 24th of March 2021. (Kim Min-ho, CEO of Blue Wing Motors (right) Kevin Kwon, Country Director of KILSA Global (left) – source: Blue Wing Motors)

Eco-solutions companies are developing innovative technology and solutions to tackle pertinent issues with high-carbon emitting industries. Several countries are seeking to push for adoption of alternative solutions to replace fuel-powered electricity generators. As for the Transport-Mobility sector, countries are working towards banning the production and sale of full petrol and diesel vehicles after year 2030. South East Asia is home to a population of 673 million (as of Mar 2021) and over 30% of the population (2019) owns two-wheelers. Looking at the statistics, it still seems far from reaching the goal.

With more than 11 million registered motorcycles shared between the South East Asia’s on-demand delivery service providers. Blue Wing Motors is committed to fitting the technology capability to reducing carbon emissions from the companies who work with fleets of motorcycles allowing the on-demand delivery service providers to thrive with a green footprint.

BlueWing Motors and KILSA Global will work together to reduce oil motorcycles which are a major cause of dust in Southeast Asia. The main goal is to innovate the Southeast Asian mobility ecosystem with BlueWing Motors new technology, of converting existing oil motorcycles into electric ones. 

The two companies therefore plan to set Singapore as a test bedding site and the main base of entry to the Southeast Asian market. KILSA, the South East Asia Representative of BlueWing Motors seeks to target the value chain of the two-wheeler industry including government agencies, local manufacturers as well as ride hailing solutions companies.

To facilitate the business launch and in line with the Singapore government-funded program, KILSA and BlueWing Motors plan to cooperate with the banking sector, reduce costs through local production, and create jobs through local employment.

"The world is entering the era of electric vehicles due to environmental problems," said Kim Min-ho, CEO of BlueWing Motors. "However, for various reasons, Southeast Asia remains behind. Southeast Asian countries are suffering from environmental problems caused by oil motorcycles, and BlueWing Motors’ conversion project is a realistic and innovative alternative to tackle this issue." He then added: "The ultimate goal is for BlueWing Motors to collaborate with the carbon emission business, by providing travel distance data through its motorcycle GPS."

Kevin Kwon, Country Director of KILSA Global said,

"Southeast Asia is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler markets, with about 220 million two-wheelers registered as of 2019," said Kevin Kwon, Director of KILSA Global (Korea Office). "However, while there is a rapid transition from gasoline cars to electric cars, the electric motorcycle market is relatively slow in speed and behind in competition. We believe that Blue Wing Motors’ lower-price approach in converting an existing motorcycle rather than purchasing a new one will be the key to dominate the market and be above any other competitors."

Sean Tan, Managing Partner of KILSA Global said,

"Since early 2020, high powered electric motorbikes may be used on Singapore roads to encourage adoption of cleaner vehicles, reducing carbon emissions. Governments in the region are also stepping up efforts to extend favourable measures and incentives, encouraging adoption and supporting charging infrastructure; It is timely for BlueWing Motors to enter the Singapore & ASEAN market with their efficient and economical conversion solution to meet the increasing demands of riders." 

KILSA Global provides market entry services and overseas managed services to innovative startups and SMEs that wish to enter the Asian market. Headquartered in Singapore, regional operation extends to all of the most important ASEAN hubs, including Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Also KILSA Global is partnering with "Seoul Startup Hub" as "Global Hub Partners" to support the Seoul metropolitan startups to enter SEA Market.

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