Beijing’s sub-center completes three main structures

BEIJING, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from

The main structures of the theater, library, and museum in Beijing’s sub-center have finished construction within half a year, according to the Beijing Sub-Center Investment and Construction Company. 

Called a "cultural granary," the sub-center’s theater has the shape of ancient barns and boats, and meets the standards of the world’s first class theaters. The venue is able to host activities such as performances, artistic creation, and cultural education. In the future, it will present a series of artworks to promote the Chinese culture and world classical works. 

The library will be built into a provincial level public library, and integrate forest scenery with reading areas. 

The design of the museum, called the "Boat of the Grand Canal," is inspired by shapes of boat, sail, and water. It will become a national patriotism education base, in a bid to improve the city’s soft power and showcase its development.

Beijing’s sub-center completes three main structures

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