Introducing Asia Investment Research: Tracking Global Investment Flows into China and Asia

SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Investment Research – AIR – is a new, unique data source for tracking outbound investment from the United States and European Union into China and Asia. 

Tracking where the money is heading is an excellent way to find new investment trends and where the best and fastest returns are likely to be found. In this brand-new report, Asia Investment Research looks at where capital is flowing from the United States and EU into China and Asia – the volumes, companies, and the projects involved. 

This is essential reading for North American based Asia Financial Analysts, Government Trade Officials, International Banking, Financial, Private Equity, Pension and Venture Capital Analysts, Corporate Lawyers as well as Executives looking to Asia for the latest opportunities. 

Jointly produced by China Investment Research and Dezan Shira & Associates, AIR provides unique, primary source reconciled data regarding Asian inbound investments. 

In this brand-new, complimentary first issue we cover

Q3 2021 Asia Inbound Report 

  • US & European outbound investments into Asia and China – including volumes, companies, and projects;
  • Chinese outbound investment into ASEAN & Hong Kong;
  • Regulatory market updates for China and ASEAN with analysis of new market openings;
  • Overview of the most recent Free Trade negotiations impacting Asia – including RCEP, CPTPP and many other bilateral discussions affecting Global-Asian trade 

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"AIR uncovers facts and trends to target Asian investments with less risk and more precision. It digs deeply beneath "emerging markets" lingo to make specific assessments about very different economies and opportunities throughout Asia." – Joseph Dehner, international attorney at the AmLaw 500 firm, Frost Brown Todd LLC. 

"Essential reading for all analytical China and Asia investment market researchers with specific, unique data applicable to US investors" – Jim Zimmerman, Chairman Emeritus, American Chamber of Commerce in China.

"Supports investment decisions with original analysis of crucial trends in Asian investment flows. AIR is frequently ahead of the curve and adds real value to investment data in a concise, readable format" – Julia Charlton, Charltons Law Firm, Hong Kong.


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