Rayence’s Low-Dose Detector “GreenON” Receives Critical Acclaim at RSNA 2021

– Displayed products including low-dose detectors, ultra-light wireless detectors and software offerings

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rayence(www.rayence.com) reported that its low-dose detectors "GreenON" received critical acclaim at the RSNA(Radiological Society of North America) 2021.

Rayence at RSNA 2021
Rayence at RSNA 2021

At the conference, Rayence exhibited a portfolio of products built on its proprietary low-dose technology, including x-ray detectors and software solutions, under the slogan "Better Dose for Healthcare".

"GreenON" is a low-dose, high-sensitivity detector that can produce high quality images even with up to 40% less exposure when compared to previous generations. With the COVID-19 pandemic driving up demand for house calls, the need for portable x-ray detectors and generators increased as well. GreenON’s portability and low dosage requirements makes it ideal for house calls, capturing the interest of visitors throughout the exhibition.

Rayence's low dose detector "GreenON"
Rayence’s low dose detector "GreenON"

Rayence also introduced the "1417WCE", a wireless detector weighing only 2.7kg that can be used for up to 16 hours when fully charged. These specifications make the "1417WCE" ideal for clinicians on the move.

Also on display was Rayence’s software lineup. The "Xmaru" series of software has built-in AI-aided diagnostics as well as a UI/UX that it optimal for the clinical workflow.

Rayence received critical acclaim for its "GreenON", including major distributors and imaging service specialists throughout the exhibition. Low-dose radiography, a concept that is exclusive to Rayence, helps prevent patients from over-exposure. This has earned the approval of many clinicians, and Rayence looks forward to an increase in sales in the US medical market.

The company’s CEO, Tae woo, Kim, says "Interest in our low-dose technology is increasing at a rapid pace as regulatory concerns regarding x-ray exposure increases in advanced markets. We are planning to build a differentiated brand value based on this technology starting from this RSNA. Please look forward to the low-dose medical environment that Rayence hopes to create."

Company brief: Rayence

Rayence is a manufacturer of detectors, a key component in digital radiography. It was the world’s first manufacturer to internalize key technology in both TFT and CMOS x-ray detectors, and full-line manufacturing. IT supplies x-ray detectors for use in dental, medical, and various industrial fields. Rayence is the only company in the world that possesses key technology regarding and manufactures TFT, CMOS, and even dental intra-oral sensors.

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