Crewing Online Takes On The Manpower Shortage Challenge

Solving the scarcity challenge with a rich pool of talent readily available

SINGAPORE, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The crew change crisis sank deeper from extended stays onboard due to persistent border restrictions. Ensuing bad press resulted in drastic reputational damage to seafaring as a career, and worsened the global manpower shortage. Shipowners and manning agencies wound up contending with a smaller pool of talents as more reconsider seafaring as a feasible career option.

Marine Online’s recruitment arm, Crewing Online helps shipowners and manning agencies address the scarcity challenge with its platform rich with over 52,000 qualified professionals. Crew Online carries an extensive listing of seafarers across a wide spectrum of positions looking for assignments.

Edmund Chik, Deputy Chief Operating Officer remarked, "The pandemic had substantially damaged the reputation of seafaring as a career, resulting in lesser talent available. We are pleased to announce that our Crewing Online platform can assist shipowners and manning agencies get around the manpower shortage, and assemble a well-balanced team for their voyages.

"We also have the Global Seafarer Salary Index, which provides a reference for both employers and seafarers on prevailing salaries. Compiled from globally reputable shipowners as well as seafarers’ voluntary disclosures, it grants all parties clarity on current market rates. Lastly, candidates will also have post-employment reviews by employers for the benefit of future prospects. We are confident that our holistic approach to crewing will mitigate the current challenges in maritime recruitment."

Marine Online’s extensive network of authorised service providers breaks down all language and cultural barriers in recruitment, eliminating almost all procedural hassles. Marine Online is a client-centric platform providing maritime professionals with value-add maritime solutions. To date, Marine Online has transacted for clientele from Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Greece.

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