Xinhua Silk Road:Guotai Junan unveils new version mobile app to accelerate digital transformation

BEIJING, China, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese securities firm, has recently unveiled a new version of its mobile application Junhong, making its digital transformation in full swing.

The new version Junhong app has three new key features, including one-stop service, immersive live streaming, and robo-advisor service.

The new version incorporates all business platforms of the firm into one to make online one-stop service available to clients. Meanwhile, in the newly-introduced smart social community section, clients could take part in product development process through precise demand detection and intelligent investment advice.

Another new feature is the Junhong immersive live streaming section, home to over 1600 short videos, through which users could acquire new knowledge about investment and wealth management and follow new trends in the capital market. Besides, real-time interactions, such as comments, donations and lottery, and algorithm-driven recommendations, could enhance immersive experience. The short video arsenal will be on the rise as the firm encourage original works from three major sources including funds, local branches and the headquarter.

The Junhong informtion section provides targeted information stream to clients through the match of clients’ investment choices and news content. A new original column has also been introduced to make in-depth analysis of market data.

The robo-advisor offers smart investment decision-making services covering the whole investment process. The firm sets up a transaction area particularly for T+0 transaction clients, providing multiple service ranging from securities features, profit analysis to comprehensive education. The smart order service could help investors manage their assets by offering transaction strategies, market monitoring and automated commission based on commonly-used investment strategies. 

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