Antalpha Attends HSBC Future Technology Panel

Digital Asset Platform Shares with HSBC on Industry, Regulation, and Fundraising

HONG KONG and SINGAPORE, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On May 17, 2022, Antalpha Technologies Ltd, a digital asset platform for traditional, crypto and mining institutional partners, participated in the forum panel at the HSBC Future Technology Panel, as part of HSBC’s 9th Annual China Conference. This annual conference – offered by exclusive invite to key institutional clients, corporate partners, and clients of HSBC – explores developing trends and provides unparalleled access to expert analysts, companies and investors.

Antalpha was represented by Max Liao, Managing Director of Business Development, joining James Peng, CEO of, and Tandy Tan, General Manager of SmartMore. The panel began with a general discussion of the issues that each company sought to solve and the industry they sought to disrupt, the current business models, methods of monetization, and fundraising in an environment that grows ever more complex.

A point of discussion was how each company differentiates from its competitors, a key consideration today for companies in the digital asset space given the recent volatility in the market.

On this point, Max Liao shared, "What separates Antalpha is the importance we place on risk management. Our purpose isn’t just to be the best today, but better tomorrow. By placing risk management and long-term value first, we have a system of self-governance in addition to working with regulators, because what we want to achieve is the trust of our clients and the broader market, and more importantly, what we want to avoid is a poor reputation for our platform and the entire asset class. We see ourselves as a foundational part of this new economy and we have an inherent responsibility to ensure its stability and trustworthiness."

Since inception in 2021, Antalpha has been diligently working toward further integration and recognition by influential players in the traditional finance industry. Being recognized alongside industry leaders hosted by Hong Kong’s largest bank is Antalpha’s initial milestone in its plan for outreach and communications and will be the first of many such opportunities in the coming months.

About Antalpha Technologies Ltd:

AntAlpha Technologies Ltd is the financial services affiliate of Bitmain Technologies, one of the world’s leading providers of blockchain infrastructure. Antalpha is a key player in enabling institutional investors from both traditional finance and the blockchain space in the transition towards the global adoption of the emerging megatrend of digital assets.

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