NCMF-North Luzon under RD Raihanah Macarimpas-Pacasum Joins Discover Islam Baguio’s Masjid Educational Tour

Doing the ‘sujood’ in Islamic prayer. (Credit for photos: (NCMF-North Luzon)


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NCMF-North Luzon Regional Director Atty. Bai Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum. 
BAGUIO CITY — On June 1 and 8, 2022, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)-North Luzon under Regional Director Atty. Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum joined Discover Islam Baguio’s Masjid Educational Tour Program at Almaarif Education Center, Inc., Baguio City.
This initiative, which was aimed to forge peaceful relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in Baguio City, was moderated by Sheikh Nadir Oquendo and Ms. Junaina Samad.
The participants were police officers stationed in Baguio City. They were introduced to Islamic culture, beliefs and practices, taught the basic steps in performing the Muslim prayer, and toured around the mosque, among others.
Also in attendance were NCMF personnel Atty. Nor-ainah Daragangan, Norjannah Binatak, Abdul Hakim Dianalan, and Ustadhz Saadoding Muripaga, who introduced the NCMF’s history, mandate, and major programs, specifically on socio-economic, socio-cultural, and socio-protection with emphasis on peacebuilding and conflict resolution.
The NCMF under Secretary Guiling A. Mamondiong thanked and commended Discover Islam Baguio for their initiative in conducting peacebuilding activities.

Here are photographs from the Masjid Educational Tour:

Featured image are NCMF-North Luzon staff showing how to wear the Islamic head covering called “hijab”.

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