Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Technology Association Held Commendation Conference, YouLianCloud achieved the “Outstanding Contribution of Year 2022” award

SHANGHAI, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Technology Association (SAITA) announced the list of advanced enterprises to be commended of 2022. The categories of enterprise awards in 2022 offered by SAITA include Science & Technology Innovation Awards, Emerging Innovation Awards as well as Outstanding Contribution Awards. Among them, YouLianCloud Information Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("YouLianCloud" ) is recognized as the winner of "Outstanding Contribution of Year 2022".

As the industry-leading intelligent financial information engine in China, YouLianCloud takes ecological connection as the core, deeply cultivates the financial industry and AIGC. By combining natural language processing, big data and knowledge graph technology, YouLianCloud provides its users with intelligent applications for multiple scenarios such as sales, marketing, investment research and risk control.

With decades of deep understanding of the financial field and rich insight of the demanding, the team furthers its research in the field of financial AIGC. Embedded with natural language processing, knowledge graph and generative AI technologies, the platform reaches the produciton of Intelligent Content such as intelligent financial information and intelligent financial videos. Meanwhile, it also solves the difficulties of data capture, materials searching and inefficient creation.

At present, YouLianCloud has provided a wide range of digital and intelligent services for hundreds of large financial institutions and listed companies. It has been honored as the "Most Commercial Cooperation Value Winner of 2022 " in the field of Knowledge Graph. 

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