Hello, Hong Kong – Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 9, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China hosted "Park City under the Snowy Mountains – Happy Chengdu in the Firework" (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong), which was also co-organized by gochengdu. The Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Seminar returned to Hong Kong after a three-year absence, using Hong Kong as a platform to introduce Asia to a historically significant and culturally rich city with a past spanning more than 4,500 years of urban civilization and 2,300 years of city construction. Additionally, Chengdu is a dynamic, open, secure city that welcomes everyone.

Hello, Hong Kong! Chengdu is here!

On March 6, it will have been one month since Hong Kong and the mainland resumed full customs clearance. The economy, tourism, and business exchanges of Hong Kong and the mainland are conducted in an orderly manner. In a single month, the number of individuals entering and exiting Hong Kong surpassed 10 million. Both Hong Kong and Chengdu are globally significant tourism source markets. As the global tourism industry is recovering, Chengdu Municipality takes Hong Kong as the second stop for global cultural tourism promotion, eager to tell the story of Chengdu and promote Chengdu tourism to the world through Hong Kongs tourism window, and to fully demonstrate the different "Park City under the Snowy Mountains – Happy Chengdu in the Firework" in 2023.

At the promotion seminar , representatives from Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Asia Tourism Exchange, Hong Kong Tourism Board, The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, Kowloon Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, Asia Travel TV and more than 20 travel agencies in Hong Kong attended together with journalists from the media in Hong Kong. In addition, they visited the Chengdu Cultural Tourism Scene Exhibition, which was meticulously arranged by the meetings organizer. Among them, dozens of photo exhibitions with Chengdu cultural tourism themes, such as giant panda habitat, art and humanities, park city construction, Land of Heaven Greenway, and tourist attractions, drew the interest of many attendees. After observing the exhibit, the guests remarked, "Chengdu has a rich history and culture, an abundance of goods, a temperate climate, and convenient transportation." It is ideal for travelers and residents. I plan to return to Chengdu this summer to sample the cuisine and see the monuments."

Spring is here, Chengdu is waiting for you!

Mr. Jian Yang, Director of the Chengdu Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, stated in his speech, "With a 2,300-year history, Chengdu is one of Chinas most rapidly developing and promising cities.In recent years, the development of Chengdus park city has garnered international attention and praise. The concept of park city is proliferating throughout the nation from Chengdu. The New Western Land and Sea Corridor has transformed Chengdu from a landlocked city to the frontier of national opening. Chengdu is currently the Midwest region with the highest concentration of Hong Kong capital."

"Cultural Tourism , Cultural Expo , Cultural Innovation". Chengdu and Hong Kong strengthen their cooperation, and Chengdu and Hong Kong science and technology innovation will bolster the park citys industrial base. Chengdu has developed a new economy and bolstered its industrial foundation through technological innovation in recent years, giving the park city a brighter development outlook. Chengdu, as the "Land of Heaven," has a rich history, culture, and natural resources, as well as an ancient Shu civilization. The fourteenth five-year plan has repositioned Hong Kong as a hub for cultural and aesthetic exchanges between China and other nations. As Hong Kong absorbs the diverse cultures of the East and West, Chengdu and Hong Kong can collaborate to convey Chengdus story and enhance the citys communication capabilities. Following the meeting, Hong Kong travel agency representatives congregated in front of the rattan and bamboo art exhibition of Chengdus non-traditional projects and exchanged opinions with reporters. I appreciate its tranquility and comfort. I adore its tolerance, and I also adore its landscape and romance! Through todays promotion, I gained a deeper understanding of Chengdus humanity and a greater understanding of the new Chengdu. This year, I will present the Chengdu tour itinerary as a quality travel route to Hong Kong and Asian tourists."

It is reported that the organizers also grandly introduced the upcoming events in Chengdu, the 31st World University Summer Games, the 81st World Science Fiction Convention and the 2024 World Horticultural Expo at this promotion, and expressed their hope that through more and more major international events. Let the world know that Chengdu is welcoming, inclusive, safe, pleasant, and dynamic.

Chengdu and Hong Kongs resumption of interactions has been hastened by the speedy resumption of flights.

"Riding on the spring breeze of the global tourism relaunch, we traveled from Chengdu in western China to New York and back to Hong Kong to share with you the 3,000 years of culture in the Land of Heaven and the prosperous City of the Golden Government beneath the snow-capped mountains." Chengdu is as prosperous as Hong Kong in March. At the promotion site, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, and Television presented Chengdus brand-new tourism resources and extended a cordial invitation to Asian visitors.

It is reported that Air China has increased the frequency of the flight from Chengdu Shuangliu to Hong Kong, and beginning March 1, the frequency of the flight from Chengdu to Hong Kong, China will be increased to once per day, making travel between the two cities much more convenient for passengers.

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