Mayor Lani Cayetano Leads Distribution of New Uniforms for 200K Taguig City Public School Learners

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TAGUIG CITY, November 6, 2023 — Learners in this “Transformative, Loving and Caring” (TLC) urban community in Metro Manila have a new set of uniforms.

The city chief executive, Mayor Maria Laarni “Lani” L. Cayetano led the distribution of the new uniforms today, Monday, at the Bagumbayan National High School (BNHS).

She exhorted the 200,000-plus students in the city’s public schools to be responsible and to heed the advice of their elders.

Mayor Lani Cayetano, Taguig City. (SDN screenshot)

Among those present at the event included Vice Mayor Arvin Ian Alit, Councilor Raul Aquino, Executive Assistant Ronnel Lopez, School Principal Raul S.J. Cortez, GPTA president Raul Santos, and others.

The BNHS principal highlighted in his remarks that the school is truly lucky for it was the only school the mayor visited for the school uniforms distribution.

Students at the BNHS number 5,483.

Elsewhere on the same day distribution was also conducted but without the mayor.

“Taguig and the City Council continue to support us,” Cortez noted.

He told the gathered students that with their new uniforms what they only have to do is study harder.

The principal also thanked Cayetano for the recent distribution of tablets to all the teachers in the city.

When it came time for her to speak, the lady mayor thanked the school, the teachers, and the students for their profuse welcome.

She expressed her gratitude for their “generous welcome through your applause every time I visit the school. Your screams, embrace, handshake, I feel good whever I visit this school. Mayor Lani Cayetano is truly at home in this school, especially with the students.”

She reiterated to the students the City’s 3-Point Agenda, that of being Transformative, Loving and Caring which ha built-in commitment to use the resources it has for use in honing the talents of the residents.

Cayetano emphasized the importance of human resources as the city’s most important treasure.

“And because we consider the people, the citizens, as our most important treasure, we always see to it that we support their development, and that education is the first step to achieving a good future,” she pointed out, speaking mostly in the Pilipino language.

Distribution of uniforms at Tibagan High School, East Rembo, Taguig City. (Screen shot by SDN — SciTech & Digital News)

“So, in the City of Taguig, investing in education is actually our way of investing in the city and for the future.”

In front of you, she told the students, what you see are material things with monetary value. “But I hope that you will not consider them as just material things with financial value. But more than that.

“For me, hopefully, you’ll see our unmatched care for your future (through these material things).”

She continued:

“For me as mayor of Taguig City, my prayers everyday, my dream, is for all Taguigeños to have a comfortable and bright future. What we want is a future that is sufficient for all of you.”

She pointed out that if person does not give importance to his or her talents, honing skills, it’s difficult for that person to have success,

The mayor said the support of the City of Taguig for its learners/students start from Day Care, to Kinder, to Elementary, to K-to-12 up to the time you’ll graduate in high school and with the Department of Education (DepEd), “You will feel TLC of Taguig, supporting you.”

Cayetano said the City of Taguig is now supporting more than 200,000 learners and students in public schools, including in the 10 EMBO barangays now under the city jurisdiction.

At the same time, she emphasized that no other learners are enjoying what those in the city are are having. She only asked the students to be responsible while having fun and adventures.

“Enjoying fund and having adventures are OK, but there are limits,” Cayetano pointed out. “You have to be responsible and know what can distract you (from your goal).”

“There are boundaries not to be crossed…listen to the advice of your elders,” the mayor said.

On the same day, the Taguig local government unit (LGU) also distributed the new set of uniforms to Tibagan High School (THS), East Rembo (formerly a Makati City village. The THS students numbering 1,632 will also receive the uniforms. (✓)

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