September 22, 2019

Tag: data breach

IBM Study Shows Data Breach Costs Rising with Years of Impact

Media Release: TODAY (July 23) IBM Security and Ponemon Institute released their annual study which examines the financial consequence of a data breach, based on an in-depth analysis of hundreds of real-world data breaches. Some highlights. Longtail financial impact: For the first time this year, the report examined the longtail costs of data breaches and […]

ePLDT Warns Tourism Industry as Cybercriminals Target Visitor Information

Media Release: THE local travel industry has grown more competitive in securing bookings with the continuous rise in the number of tourist arrivals in the country. Last year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) posted a record-breaking 7.1 million international tourist arrivals, surpassing the 6.6 million arrivals in 2017 by 7.68 percent despite the six-month closure […]