June 6, 2020

Tag: vulnerabilities

HackerOne Pays US$100-Million to Ethical Hackers

Media Release: By Marten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne ONE HUNDRED MILLION is an enormous number. Today we celebrate with all our hackers the phenomenal milestone of a hundred million dollars in bounties. Hack for Good! Yet we should know that we are only getting going. The digital world is not safe and secure yet. Much […]

Check Point Uncovers Tiktok Vulnerabilities, Now Patched

Check Point Research Reveals Multiple Vulnerabilities in TikTok Personal information such as private addresses and email addresses were vulnerable to exposure in one the world’s most trending apps Media Release: SINGAPORE – January 9, 2020 — Check Point Research, the Threat Intelligence arm of Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of […]

Don’t Believe These 4 Bug Bounty Myths

Editor’s Note: Views in this commentary are solely the author’s. By Laurie Mercer, Security Engineering Lead at HackerOne Myth #1: Bug Bounty Programs Have to Be Public Public bug bounty programs are a way to publicly demonstrate how secure your products are. “If you don’t think our service is secure, we invite you to find […]

Palo Alto Networks Leads Secure Enterprise Journey to Cloud via Prisma

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819 (SDN) — MIGRATING to the cloud could be a risky proposition, fraught with uncertainties as cyber bad guys are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit. On the other hand, the world today demands digital transformation (DX), or businesses risk being left behind to eat digital dust. […]

What Every Security Leaders Need to Know about Bug Bounties: When and How

Media Release: By Miju Han, Director of Product Management at HackerOne BUG bounties take advantage of the large hacker community to find vulnerabilities you don’t have the resources to find yourself. Hackers submit bugs they find and are rewarded by you based on the severity and impact of the bug. Bug bounties bring many benefits. […]

HackerOne Creates Policy Builder to Build Security in Minutes

​Media Release: By Jobert Abma, Co-Founder, HackerOne IN today’s world, the majority of security vulnerabilities are introduced by software engineers. To build the most secure code, we must acknowledge the reality that vulnerabilities are still inevitable. They slip through your architecture design, code review, a CI/CD pipeline filled with automated detection, and penetration testing and […]

Sophisticated Spyware Hits WhatsApp; Facebook Patches Vulnerabilities

Media Release: A recently discovered zero-day vulnerability in the world’s most popular messenger — WhatsApp — allowed hackers to eavesdrop on users, read their encrypted chats, turn on the microphone and camera, and install spyware that allows even further surveillance, such as browsing through the victim’s photos and videos, accessing their contact list, and so […]

What You Should Know about Surveillance Attack on WhatsApp

Media Release: CYBERSECURITY companies Synopsys and Check Point have weighed in on the surveillance attack on Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users, making it the most popular messaging up in the world. Facebook and WhatsApp have since patched the vulnerabilities and have urged users to update their app to the latest […]

HackerOne Report: ‘White Hat’ hacker community grows 100%

ASIA/SINGAPORE, March 4, 2019 – HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform, today announced findings from the 2019 Hacker Report, which reveals the hacker community has doubled year over year and has earned US$19 million in bounties, nearly matching the total bounties paid to hackers in the previous six years combined. The annual report is a […]

Hackers grab US$19-M bounties for exposing more than 100,000 valid vulnerabilities

WHITE Hat Hackers, also called “ethical hackers,” are earning millions of dollars as bounties for exposing vulnerabilities. The bounty program is an initiative of HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform. In an email that reached SDN — Science and Digital News, HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos revealed that many hackers have already earned US$19 million bounty rewards […]