DICT Promoting Blockchain through Partnership with Monsoon

(SDN) — BLOCKCHAIN, the technology on which digital money depends, has officially entered government consciousness.

It appears to be so, as the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has signaled its intention to promote the technology.

This after the DICT under Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr. has entered into a partnership with Monsoon, a United States-based blockchain-based decentralized protocol aiming to establish a worldwide storage and cloud optimization network user and providers.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has partnered with US-based blockchain company Monsoon for the utilization of blockchain technology in forwarding the government’s national ICT development agenda.

Over the week, Rio and Monsoon CEO Dr. Donald Basile put ink to paper on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to jointly promote through enhancing capacity development and institution building on the effective use of blockchain technology.

The DICT chief was optimistic on the partnership’s impact to the Philippines.

DICT Monsoon

Handshake launches DICT’s partnership with Monsoon. (Photo: DICT)

“This partnership will directly benefit our continuous effort to address the country’s issues on ease of doing business and cybersecurity,” Rio said.

The two parties’ MOA binds them to provide complimentary courtesy consultation, advice, cost-benefit, and socio-economic analysis on the use of blockchain technology in the Philippines.

DICT’s part includes assisting the American company on blockchain technology information dissemination and capacity building activities.

Monsoon is into cloud computing as well through its, among others, the Monsoon Distributed Storage and Cloud Optimization Technology.

Meanwhile, the DICT, now on its third year of founding, revved up its initiative to establish a digitized government.

To realize this, the department on June 17 launched the E-Government Master Plan (EGMP) 2022 in an event in Eastwood, Quezon City.


DICT launches E-Government Master Plan (EGMP) 2022. (Photo: DICT)

The DICT described EGMP 2022 as a blueprint of its plans for integrating an inter-operable government ICT network and systems with the objective of promoting open governance leveraging digital transformation (DX) of basic services.

Engineer Dominador C. Garabiles, officer-in-charge (OIC) of the DICT Plans and Policy Development Division, dubbed the plan as a “milestone.”

“The launching of the E-Government Master Plan 2022 marks another milestone in the third year of DICT. Through the EGMP, the government is expected to strategize how to simplify processes, help make access to accurate information faster and less costly, and deliver services with more transparency and greater accountability,” he said.

Under the EGMP 2022, the DICT will seek to provide more efficient and cost-effective public services to citizens and businesses by optimizing government operations through an improved organizational and inter-governmental coordination, streamlining procedures, enhancing the government workforce’s ICT capacity, and engaging the citizens.

Lawyer Aubin Arn R. Nieva, OIC of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Development and Innovations, and director of Procurement Services, assured Filipinos of a better delivery services through the plan.


“Through the EGMP 2022, and along with parallel ICT plans of the government, operations will be more efficient, and the government will be equipped to be able to implement an inter-operable e-Government within their respective agencies,” he said.

The EGMP will rely on the National Government Portal (NGP) as its front line program, providing users with an easy access to government services, whether internally to government employees, or between government agencies or with external clients. (SDN)


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