March 30, 2020

Day: August 28, 2018

DOST R&D Program Boon to Talaandig, Others

Media Release: DATU Rodelio “Waway” Saway is not called “Tatay” for nothing. A teacher at the Talaandig School of Living Traditions and a well-known performing artist, Saway has been keeping the Talaandig musical heritage intact by mentoring young members of their tribe. Community artists would always go to their Tatay Waway to learn how to […]

Ransomware Attack vs. Cities in 2019: 174 and Counting

​Media Release: KASPERSKY security experts have branded 2019 the “year of ransomware attacks on municipalities” which bled millions of dollars in payments. This comes after the company’s researchers observed that at least 174 municipal institutions, with more than 3,000 subset organizations, have been targeted by ransomware during the last year. The figure represents a 60% […]