NCMF, Ulama Suspend Religious Gatherings to Prevent Covid-19 Spread

Update: March 20, 2020, 10:20 p.m.

The House of Opinion, known in Arabic as Darul Iftah, of the Bangsmaoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) has suspended for three weeks the conduct of Friday or Juma’ah congregational prayers in the region.

BARMM Grand Mufti Abuhuraira Abdulrahman Udasan issued the declaration on March 19 following the rising threats of Covid-19 infections in the Philippines.

He said the suspension that includes congregational prayers in big or small mosques, took effect March 19 until April 10, 2020.

Grand Mufti Udasan said the decision was arrived at after due consultations with BARMM religious leaders.



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(SDN) — Pray at home IN solidarity with the nation, four Islamic religious activities have been suspended in the Philippines from March 15 to April 14.

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) led by Secretary Saidamen B. Pangarungan, Moro religious leaders — ulama and imams — decided to suspend the conduct of 1) Juma’at (Friday) congregational prayers, 2) Ijtima/Johoor (Tabligh Assembly), 3) Multaqa (Conferences) and, 4) Madrasah/Toril classes.

In connection with the suspension made through a “Fatwa” (ruling/decree), NCMF spokesman Dr. Dimapuno Alonto Datu-Ramos, Jr. said the commission appealed to local Muslims in the country to abide by the declaration.

“We ask all Muslim Filipinos to abide by the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and by the NCMF in order for us to limit the extent of Covid-19’s consequences. May Allah Subhanna Wa’ Taala protect our country,” Pangarungan urged his fellow Muslims as quoted by Datu-Ramos, director of the Bureau of External Relations (NCMF-BER).

NCMF, ulama, imam, Covid-19, suspension of religious gatherings
NCMF Secretary Saidamen Balt Pangarungan (in blue long sleeves) is joined by Moro religious leaders after their meeting on Monday in connection with preventing the spread and transmission of the 2019 new coronavirus. The suspension follows the declaration of public health emergency by Malacanang Palace. (Photo: NCMF-BER)

Datu-Ramos assured everyone that the ruling to suspend the four religious activities was made in consultation with top Moro religious leaders, such as “mufti” from every region of the country who were not able to attend the meeting because of the critical times, particularly the on ban transporation.

Pangarungan presided over the meeting with some of the country’s ulama and imams conducted at the NCMF on Monday, March 16.

After the meeting attended by the members of the Ulama and Imam Association of the Philippines and the Imam Council of the Philippines came up with a memorandum on Covid-19, the name of the disease created by SARS-CoV-2 that originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

The memorandum spelled out “that temporary suspension of the following religious gatherings will be implemented during the March 15 to April 14 community quarantine of Metro Manila and other communities identified by the National Government: Juma’at or congregational prayers, Ijtima/Johoor, Multaqa, and Madrasah/Toril Classes.”

It emphasized that the suspension is in adherence to “Section 11 of Presidential Proclamation No. 922 prohibiting mass gathering during the period of community quarantine in Metro Manila, and the Islamic principle of Darurah in times of necessity/emergency and after consultation with our Ulama and Imam Association of the Philippines and Imam Council of the Philippines.”

Pangarungan led the signatories that included 11 religious leaders. (SDN)





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