PCSO Pays Out Over Php1.5-B Jackpot to 21 Winners in 2020

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“With your Php20, you do not only get the chance to become a millionaire but you also get to help Filipinos nationwide through charity programs of PCSO.”

— PCSO General Manager Royina M. Garma


(SDN) — Do you feel lucky?

Shows the PCSO Vice Chairman and General Manager.
PCSO General Manager Royina M. Garma.

In the year 2020 a total of 21 lotto punters won over Php1.5 billion, which the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) paid out for its lotto games.

The PCSO, the premier government agency generating revenue for various uses, has five lotto games. Here are they and the jackpot prizes each paid out last year:

  • Lotto 6/42             — Php225,834,319 (eight winners)
  • Mega Lotto 6/45  — Php361,376,215.20 (seven winners)
  • Super Lotto 6/49  — Php331,128,476.20 (two winners)
  • Grand Lotto 6/55  — Php244,662,132 (three winners)
  • Ultra Lotto 6/58    — Php339,217,037.60 (one winner)

All in all that’s a whopping Php1,502,2018,180 for only 21 lucky bettors.

So, do you feel lucky?

The jackpot payout is part of the PCSO 2020 Accomplishment Report which General Manager Royina M. Garma made. She is also vice chairman of the PCSO Board.

There are many activities of the PCSO, not just its popular lotto games. From out of the revenue generated from the five lotto games and the agency’s other lottery games, among them Small Town Lottery (STL), Keno, Scratch It Cards, and others, 55 percent is for the Prize Fund; 30 percent for Charity Fund; and 15 percent for Operating Fund.

Apparently, the coronavirus pandemic that broke out in December 2019 had affected PCSO’s revenue generation. In 2019 it raised a total revenue of Php44,028,405,617; as the impact of the pandemic kicked in the agency generated Php18,631375,990.07, which as Garma’s report showed is lesser by 57.68 percent, which is a difference of Php25,397,029,628.

Showing the difference of 2019 and 2020 revenue collection of PCSO.

According to the general manager’s report, the PCSO is keen on addressing through a number of ways the slack in revenue generation that Covid-19 pandemic created.

  • Initial exploration of betting platforms other than the current traditional fixed terminals
  • Platforms being considered include mobile and web-based applications and automated vending machines
  • In-depth studies on the viability of these platforms and PCSO’s readiness to deploy them are ongoing

As many Filipinos know, especially the poor, the PCSO is the go-to-government agency for assistance for their medical- and health-related needs.

How PCSO made its revenue in 2020.

Rightly so because it’s the agency’s mandate to provide funds for Filipinos’ hospitalization, medicine requirements.

Included in the PCSO Charity Programs/Fund Provision are Medical Access Program (MAP) which assisted 250,850 individuals nationwide last year for a total of Php1.814 billion in Davao City (Php56.77 million), Quezon City (Php49.43 million), Negros Occidental (Php43.79 million), Iloilo (Php42.52 million), and Cebu City (Php38.50 million); Assistance to Hospitals for Covid-19 Response — Php447 million for 82 hospitals; Patient Transport Vehicles Donation — Php469 million for 269 units; Calamity Assistance Program — Php519.15 million; Institutional Partnership –Lacuna Vicuna Foundation, Inc. — Php2.19 million; Medical Equipment Donation for six hospitals — Php70.035 million; and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — Php21.733 million.

PCSO’s lotteries have also been a source of employment for Filipinos with 6,161 lotto agents and 894 Keno agents for total of 7,055 individuals employed. The agency’s STL in 2020 had a combined total of 19,267 individuals employed, down from 2019’s 34,475 — again due to the pandemic.

More fund assistance from PCSO

Not the least of PCSO’s fund support is its Contributions to Other Government Agencies for total of Php53,283,919.20 as Lotto Shares of the cities of Quezon (Php22.18 million); Manila (Php13.60 million); Caloocan (Php6.6 million); Paranaque (Php6 million); and Pasig (Php5 million). (Note: Some of the numbers/amounts in this news report are rounded of.)

The PCSO is also providing the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and local government units their shares from STL revenue (where the lottery operates). For 2020 this amounted to Php39.46 million (PNP), Php15.65 million (NBI), and LGUs, Php268,601.77, for a total of Php55.38.

In terms of its tax payments, the PCSO last year remitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) over Php6.59 billion.

Not to be left in the agency’s assistance is its Mandatory Contributions to various government agencies that amounted to over Php839 million in 2020. The contribution went to the Philippine Health Corporation (Philhealth)), Php420.59 million and Php215.28 million; Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Php197.76 million; Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), Php5 million; Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Php1.012 million; and National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), Php302,817. All this ran up to Php839.93 million.

Again, do you feel lucky like the Cavite bettor who went home with over Php20 million after winning 6/42’s draw on January 23, 2019?

Believe it, there are winners of PCSO’s lotto games. This journalist was lucky to meet at least two of them some years back.

Lucky bettor joins PCSO’s unofficial “Lotto Millionaires’ Club”

A proof that there are winners of PCSO lotto jackpot prize.

The PCSO said the January 23 winner claimed his prize carried by the winning combination of 05-02-12-26-28-04.

He went to the agency’s headquarters along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, with his wife. They are engaged in online business. It was not known whether they will stop their business now that they are multimillionaire.

His winning combination are taken from birthdays of his family members and betting on it for about a year. Then, boom!

“Thanks to the PCSO, you are a big help to us. I already tried lining up at the PCSO Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) office for the father of my wife who needed medical assistance,” the lucky punter said in Taglish as quoted by the PCSO.

General Manager Garma voiced her thanks the lotto aficionados for patronizing PCSO gaming products such as STL, Lotto and Digit Games, Keno, and Instant Sweepstakes ScrathIt ticket.

“With your Php20, you do not only get the chance to become a millionaire but you also get to help Filipinos nationwide through charity programs of PCSO,” the PCSO official who is former colonel in the PNP.

Another 6/42 bettor who bought the winning ticket in Bagon Barrio, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, won the Php10.27 million jackpot prize offered by the 13-17-20-02-05-26 combination drawn on February 9, according to Agnes Salgarino Ibera, officer-in-charge manager of PCSO Corporate Planning Department. More details soon.

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