Multisys stages ‘Clash of Codes’ for IT industry elites; MVP visits venue

After creating more than 10 System Platforms in only two years of operation in the Philippines, Multisys Technologies Corporation is giving back to Filipino IT practitioners.

MVP and Almirol & participants behindPLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan listens to David L. Almirol, Jr., CEO and president of Multisys Technologies Corporation, explaining the ‘Clash of Codes’ competition. (EKU) 

On Sunday, September 30, Multisys CEO and president David L. Almirol, Jr. led his company in staging what he dubbed “Clash of Codes” competition for group and individual programmers, designers, and coders. Only professionals were accepted to the competition.

The participants got a surprised with a low-key visit to the venue of PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan, who took time out to speak with Almirol and some of the Multisys executives and other staff, who are mostly professionals of the IT industry.

After the smoke of battle cleared, Almirol announced the winners of the day-long competition that lasted well into the evening.

Here are the winning warriors of the keyboard and their cash prize for the Group Category:

  • Champion — Batibot (Rodette Pedro, Jayson Uy, and Jr. Respino) , who took the Php100,000 top prize.
  • Second Place — Foxtrot (Aldrin Bautista, Niño Eclarin, and Raven Lagrinas), they got Php50,000.
  • Third Place — Pocket Coder (McJover P. Dacanay, Marjorie L. Tiozon, and Danis Gabriel M. de Perio), they received P30,000.

For the Individual Category, the winners are:

  • Champion — Alexie Madolid
  • Second Place — Mark Erwin Villarina
  • Third Place — Trinmar Boado

Almirol said Multisys wants to empower the country’s IT professionals by providing them a venue to grow their talent.

“Having created Php4-billion worth of system platforms in only two years, Multisys believes in the potential of the Filipino IT community. We want to empower local IT professionals and have them share in our success by giving them an opportunity to show of their skills that investors value highly,” Almirol said.

He said the participants are not amateurs, nor fresh graduates.

“These are the elites (in the IT industry). Many of them have long been in their respective field,” Almirol told SDN — Scitech and Digital News in an exclusive interview.


Winners of the competition might just work for Multisys.

“This is the first time, but we are planning to do it twice a year. We also need to double or triple our team because we are accepting a lot of contracts this year and next year, but we don’t need to hire them if they want to do freelance, or they want to be their own group,” he said.

Around 300 IT professionals — programmers, designers, and coders — answered the challenge of Multisys for the Clash of Codes staged at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Participants included frontend developers, backend developers, iOS and Android developers, UI and UX designers, and full stack developers who possess a knack for programming, designing, and coding.

Team members ranged from two to five members.

Almirol cited the importance of working together and keeping IT professionals sharp and on their toes always.

Facebook hacking came into the conversation

“This is the reason why we need to join forces. It’s not just about creating something. It’s also about protecting something.

“Once you create something, you also have to make it sure that the creation should be protected as well. This is why every time we launch a project, we hack ourselves first,” the Multisys CEO said.

He said “hack ourselves” means checking the software first for any vulnerabilities that must be solved before it goes live.

Multisys organized the Clash of Codes competition as an avenue for the IT community to show off their ingenuity and push the limits of their work as demand for sophisticated business processes continue to rise.

The competition, which Almirol said would be held every two years moving forward, put to the spotlight the talents of Filipinos in the IT industry to push further a border-less economy.

MVP and Almirol and MultisysPLDT Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan joins Multisys led by CEO David Almirol (EKU)

Multisys asked the participants to achieve the competition’s objective as shown in the Event’s Mechanics:

  • Create an e-commerce system with registration;
  • Consume the SMS API to send SMS notification after successful registration;
  • Consume the Billers API to access more than 1,800 billers (electricity, water, cable, etc.);
  • Consume the Payment Gateway Interface (PGI) API to access more than 30,000 payment channels (Bayad Center, Banks, Online Banking); and,
  • A reference number will be provided once the PGI API has been successfully integrated. You may test this reference number to the kiosk machines provided in the event.

Alimirol said his company, which needs more IT professionals as business is growing robustly, will not own the winning apps.

“The  plan is to check for startups, maybe a group that is really good in creating something; so we will be able to finance them, nurture them, and give them the avenue if they need training. This is a contest to see who are the teams that are passionate in creating programs,” he continued.

Multisys is a leading one-stop integrated software development and systems solutions provider in the Philippines. It’s partner-built applications providing system solutions for the most pressing challenges facing today’s companies are most known in the IT industry. (EKU)


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