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(SDN) — Staying glued on the internet is bad for the health. And that includes the health of Filipinos.

Obviously, this is bad news among Filipinos who, according to We Are Social and Hootsuite, stay online for an average of 10 hours a day. More than four hours of which is on social media.

For successive years Filipinos have been the top social media user worldwide.

The warning is from Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. through Dr. Dana Ryan, the company’s director for Sports Performance and Education.

Filipinos No. 1 internet users, No. 1 on social media

On Friday, January 24, Dr. Ryan met with Filipino journalists and bloggers at Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Metro Manila, organized for Herbalife by Eggshell Worldwide Communications, Inc.

She fielded questions from the attendees of her lecture titled “How to Remain Healthy in the Age of Social Media.” Specifically, the Herbalife executive dished out advice on how Filipinos can stay health even while they stay glued to social media sites.

Remember, Filipinos are number online users at 10 hours and 2 minutes in 2020 (world average is 6 hours and 42 minutes). Filipinos also clocked number one in social media use at 4 hours and 12 minutes (global average is only 2 hours and 16 minutes). We Are Social and Hootsuite released their worldwide study in January 2020. Filipinos have been top social media users for three straight years.

That’s a lot of hours of being physically inactive (at least for those who do not perform exercise while being glued to the internet). And that’s a harmful combination.

It’s what worries Herbalife, if SDN — Science and Digital News got it right. There’s no belaboring the fact that lack of physical activity can mean harm to one’s health.

Herbalife Nutrition, internet, online, long hours, bad for health, social media
BAD FOR HEALTH. Dr. Dana Ryan of Herbalife Nutrition has warned about the bad effect on health of staying long hours online. She is one of the company’s pool of experts on nutrition science and health. (Photo: SDN — Science and Digital News)

So, how do Filipinos stay healthy without abandoning their penchant for online life?

“Unless you’re doing physical activity while you’re online, it’s not healthy to stay inactive for long periods of time.

Don’t eliminate carbs in your diet

“In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. It increases the chances of serious diseases, such as cancer and diabetes,” said Dr. Ryan.

She said while not everyone can afford membership in a gym, there are other ways to be active.

“Take up some physical activity that you love. That way, you won’t see it as a chore, so you can do it regularly.”

Get a workout buddy, she added, to motivate each other in pushing yourselves more. “Find a class or program that you can attend together. It also helps to set a goal for yourself,” Dr. Ryan said, which is another way to remain motivate.

Here are some of her other advice to generate physical activity outside of gyms:

Walk your way to work; set 30 minutes reminders to stand up during breaks in one’s work; get up during TV commercials; use the stairs instead of elevators.

Dr. Ryan is a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Scientific Leadership comprised of leading experts in nutrition science and health from across the world.

She debunked as well the notion that people do not need carbohydrates (carbs) in their body.

“For example, some people believe that they need only protein and cut out carbs from their diet. This is not true.

“When it comes to keeping healthy, just always remember balance, as the body needs a complex blend of nutrients to remain healthy,” she emphasized.

Dr. Ryan referred to the Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy recommending that people should consume some 40 percent of their calories in the form of beneficial carbs, such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits and coupled with 30 percent from proteins, but no more than 30 percent from fats.

Herbalife Nutrition, internet, online, long hours, bad for health, social media
At left is Herbalife Nutrition Philippines Marketing Manager Marie Segismundo with Herbalife Nutrition Director for Sports Performance and Education Dr. Dana Ryan. (Photo: Herbalife Philippines)

The Herbalife executive laid out the secret of a healthy life.

“Balance the calories that you take in and what you burn, and your weight would remain stable.”

Be careful who, what you believe in

Least she be misunderstood, Dr. Ryan did not advise Filipinos to get off the internet, saying this is not bad by itself. But while being online they should be engaged in activity at times, not glued online for hours on end.

“Also, try to look up helpful tips on how to remain fit from reliable organizations. Look at the celebrity or influencer you admire as an inspiration, but don’t stress yourself into achieving what he or she has. The important thing is to remain active and healthy.”

Here are some of the ways to be discriminating about who and what to believe online:

  • Look for people’s credentials, such as PhD, RD, MD).
  • Be wary of people pushing trendy diets and quick fixes.
  • Be wary of elimination diets that says no carb or eliminate one whole food group.
  • Be wary of people who overly promote one food or one ingredient as a cure-all.
  • Be wary of people promising overnight results with an exercise program.
  • Be wary of exercise programs that claim one form of exercise will give you all your body needs.
  • Read opposing opinions to form your own.
  • Follow people who focus on health rather than how you look.
  • Follow people who promote balance in life.
  • Follow health organizations.

Herbalife is a global company engaged in changing people’s lives through great nutrition products coupled with a proven business opportunity for its independent members starting in 1980. (SDN)


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