77,257 People Recover from Covid-19; PHL, 3


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Well, in these critical times that try men’s soul, it should be a good news to a world grappling with a “vicious and invisible” enemy.

For lost in the din over Covid-19’s onslaught across Planet Earth is the number of recovered cases of the new coronavirus (2019-n CoV).

In fact, figures from Johns Hopkins University’s “Dashboard Coronavirus Covid-19” showed that the number of persons who recovered from Covid-19 (the virus’s official name), is at 77,257 of the total confirmed cases of 169,387, while deaths rose to 6,513. Figures are as of March 16, 9:10 p.m. (Manila time).

As announced by the Department of Health (DOH) the number of confirmed cases in the Philippines is now at 140, with 3 recovered.

Hubei, China, registered the highest total of recovered, 55,094; Iran, 4,590; Italy, 2,335; Guandong, China, 1,306; Henan, China, 1,250, among other areas.

South Korea has 834 recovered, and Philippines, 2 (latest per DOH, 3).

Of the confirmed cases, China still has the highest, 81,020; Italy, 24,747; Iran, 13,938; South Korea, 8,162; Spain, 7,844; Germany, 5,813; France, 5,437; United States, 3,774, etc.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday evening, March 16, described Covid-19 as “vicious and invisible” enemy; he added that all Filipinos are “warriors” fighting the viral disease.

He made the statement as he announced an “enhanced community quarantine,” he dubbed “lockdown” when he declared it on Thursday last week.

“Ayaw ko makipag-ano sa tao (I don’t want to (tangle with) people, but the problem is there is a crisis,” the Chief Executive said.

He emphasized that mayors can go ahead and implement the new measures attendant to the enhanced community quarantine because of the public health emergency. “Kasali na mga mayor dito (Mayors are now included in this). No need for ordinance, go ahead and enforce the law.”

In other countries, Duterte noted, “this is a lockdown.” (SDN)

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