Rizal Gov. ‘Nini’ Ynares Positive of Covid-19 Virus — Son


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(SDN) — RIZAL Gov. Rebecca “Nini” Ynares has tested positive for Covid-19 virus.

“…We wan to inform everybody that it has been confirmed that our Governor Nini Ynares is infected with Covid-19 virus,” said her son former Antipolo City mayor Casimiro Ynares, Jr. on his Facebook page, in Pilipino and English languages.

The younger Ynares added that his father the former governor and husband of the incumbent Rizal chief executive, Casimiro “Ito” Ynares, has also been placed “under isolation (quarantine).” His father also under testing.

Ynares, Jr. said his revelation is in conformity with their sworn duty to be honest all the time and in all instances.

He said this was also to inform all those who had been in contact with his parents prior to the confirmation of the positive results.

The former mayor called on those who have come and socialized with his parents in the last two weeks to go on self-quarantine.

He said her mother is presently in stable condition but in isolation or quarantine.

“To our mind, Governor Ynares got the coronavirus because she continued to go around the province every day during which she came face-to-face with many of our province mates. She did not stop visiting her constituents because it was part of her duty,” Ynares, Jr

He confirmed to reporters this Wednesday evening the incumbent governor’s test results had already been released and showed positive of the virus.

His father’s results done over a week ago are still pending.

Ynares, Jr. said the present chief executive of Antipolo City, Rizal, his wife, Mayor Andrea “Andeng” Ynares had been with the governor in her provincial rounds to visit her constituents amid the spread and transmission of the coronavirus.

The mayor is also on self–quarantine, he said. (SDN)

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